Monday, December 14, 2015

16th Day of Advent: Jesus is the Living One


"I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!"
Revelation 1:18 

When Jesus died on the cross, the whole world shook (Matthew 27:54), it certainly wasn't the death of an ordinary human.  He was the only unique One that is both Human and God.  Therefore, although He died a real death and bled real blood, only His body died.  His Spirit did not die because He is also the eternal God.  Three days after His death, His body rose from the tomb and was made new.  This is a foreshadow of what will happen to our bodies one day :) 

Anyways, Jesus is ALIVE and living in Heaven.  John saw Him there during the visions he saw that he recorded in the book of Revelation.  He is not dead.  He is working in our lives and in this world.  We just may not see Him due to our lack of faith or belief that He doesn't care. 

Why is it significant that we serve a living God?  How is God alive in your life?  Does the Holy Spirit inside of you make you feel more alive?  I know that when He came to live in, I felt more alive, like my life was significant and worthy.  He can do that for you too!  All you have to do is ask :) 

In His Love,

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