Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Twenty-Something: Anxious and Sweaty

If you have known me for any length of time, you might have seen how much I can sweat, primarily my hands.  That's right I have extremely sweating hands.  I'm not talking a little clammy and cold when you are nervous (that's how it started when I was about 8), now at 24 my hands have the potential to pour sweat.  Like rushing down my arms, dripping everywhere.  The rest of my body sweats but that's a little bit more normal.  

On an average basis only my hands, feet and armpits sweat profusely.  However if I'm working out, all bets are off but that's normal and acceptable.  I can be in a full sweat when it's -20 degrees outside if I'm anxious.  Did you get those key words…anxiety is the primary cause of my sweat (I say primary but my body is normal and sweats to cool also, just more than most people).  Chalene Johnson, a fitness coach, says that if you start sweating from the warmup than your body is efficient at cooling.  Lately that's how I see it during these hot summer months but what about those other times when it's cool out and the reason I'm sweating is not to cool my body?

I have been to the dermatologist many times regarding this issue.  I was about 15 when it started to become worse and socially embarrassing.  She diagnosed it as hyperhidrosis, which is a true medical condition.  But when you identify something, it doesn't automatically make it go away.  So after about 10 years of different treatments, I still haven't found a medical remedy for my condition.  Since then though I have found a spiritual remedy.  

The thought occurred to me when I was distressed one day that nothing has helped decrease the sweating.  If the sweating does go away there are tons of side-effects.  Like the one pill I took that stopped all sweating, so in the summertime I would overheat.  The newest one I tried was a deodorant to put on your hands but it burned when I sweat through it sooooooo I stopped trying.  I was so distressed until I realized that never once that I can remember did I pray about it. WOW. I cannot believe that in the past four years as I have been growing closer to Christ did I tell not Him about my sweating issues.  Of course He already knows about them because He made me, but I never asked for help! 

That was a game changer.  As I recognize the underlying issues that cause me to sweat more, I ask God to help me deal with the situation in a way that will not trigger my anxiety.  It has helped some and even as I pray more I find myself overall less anxious.  Even sharing this story on the internet, which is extremely personal to me hasn't caused a sweaty flare up! 

K-LOVE's Encouraging Word of the Day is perfect for Today's Post:

God wants you to go to Him in prayer about anything!  He is our Heavenly Father and cares about every second of our day.  Therefore tell Him about it!  I've learned that prayer isn't simply asking for healing and guidance but just daily conversation, nourishing that relationship just like we would with any human.  Conversation is important so start talking to God!!

I always thought that if I would just stop the sweating then maybe I could date so it would be one less thing to be worried over.  I hold back when it comes to meeting people especially guys because who wants to date a sweaty girl?  Those are the lies I have been telling myself for years.  

I thought that I needed to stop my sweating before God could use me in the teaching or ministry field because the students and young kids will make fun of me.  But guess what, God calls me as I am right now.  Just like my post on Broken Pieces, God says: "Come to me, as you are."  

For me that's sweaty.  I have to learn to work through the anxiety and embarrassment of being sweating.  There are way too many times I have passed on an activity or outing because I was worried how my sweaty hands would affect people liking me.  I'm done losing out because God made me this way and I want to show others that each of us has a uniqueness.  Mine just happens to be more public and easily noticeable than others.  God doesn't want me to change for Him to be able to use me and I need to learn to accept myself just as I am right now too.  Maybe in the future I will be less sweaty but for now I know what I need to work on to get there and accept the circumstances where I can't control the sweating.  

So my question to you is what do you think you need to change before God can use you? I bet He is using you despite what you think needs to be changed! 

With Love,

*UPDATE* Here is Today's 7/10 encouraging Word and it fits perfectly into the topic as well!

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