Friday, April 11, 2014

Waiting on Life #BirthdayWisdom

Yesterday was my 24th Birthday and I have been thinking a lot lately about age.  When we are little, our birthdays seem to bring another rite of passage, a year older and a few more responsibilities.  Once we turn 21, what more is there to look forward to?  Age no longer seems like a milestone but just a dreaded number.  How morbid and depressing but that's how I used to feel.  

A few months ago, I was really freaking out about my upcoming birthday.  I think it was because of the deep rooted issue of waiting on God's plan for my life but more importantly waiting on life to begin.  I connected on waiting for God to reveal His plan with waiting to begin my life.  Well I was wrong.  My life began 24 years ago and hasn't stopped since.  But I was thinking more of my idea of life: a career (not just a job), a husband and children.  I guess that was my definition of "having a life".  So you might be able to deduce why I was freaking out on turing 24: I don't have a job let alone a career, I never even talk to boys so a husband isn't even close to happening, and therefore no children.  Also I am in that age demographic where a lot of my friends are engaged, married or starting to have children and it's hard to look at them and realize that my life isn't close to that, yet. I was comparing my life to those around me and that was dragging me down.  

I used to define doing something with my life as having a job, husband and kids but then I realized that wasn't realistic or even biblical.  The Lord doesn't define doing His work by these standards so why should I?  He is using me in a different way and my plan will unfold during His time.  I have been reflecting on this for the past month or so because I wasn't truly happy because those are goals I have for my life (and I pray The Lord will fulfill) but I need to focus on the present.  I have done quite a few things with my short 23 years.  I'm not going to boost and have a giant list but I just wanted to share a few.  I graduated from college which is a great accomplishment (I am the first person in my intermediate family to go to college straight from high school-my mom went back to get her BSN).  I learned that I didn't want to study Biochemistry and perform research for the rest of my life.  Lastly, I have also accepted God's plan right now for me to take care of my mom.  She has come a long way in her recovery and I am proud to be part of it.  

So there are a few of my thoughts on turning 24.  I hope if you are in your 20's or even any age and have some of the same thoughts I had before about measuring your life according to others, you might reconsider and look at your life how God does: beautiful and perfect! 


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  1. I love you little chickie and I'm so proud of you <3

    p.s. you're not allowed get a husband because you can never leave me!