Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crocheted Baby Blanket

One of the women at Church is pregnant and so we threw her a small baby shower after the Service on Palm Sunday.  I had been wanting to start a bigger crochet project so this was the perfect time!  I decided to make a baby blanket but also sew a piece of flannel cotton fabric on the back so that it would be warmer and softer. 

I hemmed the fabric so that it would have a nice finished edge
I pinned the fabric to the back of the blanket so that the sizes would match up when I sewed the two pieces together
The finished project!
I also made two pacifier clips

Baby Blanket Pattern

I Hook
Lion Brand Pound of Love in Bubblegum
piece of fabric as large as blanket

Step 1: Chain approximately 100.  Depending on the yarn and hook size that you use, I just chained an amount that would equal 38 inches (I bought by fabric before I made the blanket so I would recommend crocheting the size of blanket you want then buying the fabric to fit)

Step 2: Start at 2nd chain from hook and Single crochet the entire row, Chain 1 and turn

Step 3:  Double Crochet in 2nd chain, then Single Crochet in 3rd Chain.  Repeat alternating Double and Single crochets until the end of the row, chain 1 and turn

Step 4: Depending on the last stitch of the previous row, you will do the opposite.  For example if you ended the row on a double crochet, then the new row will start with a single crochet.  Just keep alternating double and single the entire row.  You will always double crochet in the previous row single crochet and the opposite for single crochet.  This creates a nice textured pattern.

Step 5: Continue alternating until your blanket is a square (or any size you want).  You can check to see if the blanket is a square by folding adjacent corners together.  If they fit together, then the blanket is a square.  If is it hard to get them to fold nicely, you need to make it larger.  You can also measure it!

Step 6: Finish the blanket with a row of single crochet. Then a row of single crochet the entire edges of the blanket to give a smooth foundation row to sew to. Weave in the ends

Step 7: Iron and Hem your fabric to a size that will fit the blanket.

Step 8: Pin the Blanket and the fabric together.

Step 9: Hand stitch.

Step 10: Admire your work and take plenty of pictures, then give your project away and enjoy the reaction of the recipient.

Notes: I used one whole skein of the Pound of Love and needed just a little bit more of another to finish a few rows and the edges.

Let me know if you try this pattern out, I would love to see pictures.  Look forward to more crochet projects!!

With His Love,

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