Sunday, April 26, 2015

Backyard Chickens: Oakmont Edition

I turned 25 a few days ago and all I wanted for my birthday were Chickens!!! So about a month ago, I told Sam that's all I wanted for my birthday.  We drove out to a Farm in Kittaning and there were loads of Chickens to choose from!! I ended up choosing some 4 week old pullets so that they will start laying eggs in about Mid-May.  There are four different breeds that lay 4 different colored eggs so that I will know who is laying!

When we brought them home, it was still too cold to be outside so we set them up in Layla's crate on our sunporch.  It's heated so they could be warm until the weather was not freezing to be outside.  They will be able to winter outside next year because they will be full grown. 

Layla is the best chicken guard!
From top going clockwise: Cuckoo Maran, Hamburg, Speckled Sussex and Easter Egger
Getting Bigger!

The Hamburg (black and white speckled) will lay white eggs, the Americana/Easter Egger (light brown) will lay green/blue/pink eggs (one of the three colors), the Speckled Sussex will lay (speckled brown) brown eggs, and the Cuckoo Maran (black with some white) will lay dark brown eggs.
Then I told my dad that all I wanted from him for my birthday was a Chicken Coop.  So over the past couple of weeks we built one!  I will post the tutorial because we basically built it for free from all of his scraps from his renovation.

Moved out to the Coop on Saturday

Exploring outside for the first time!

I will post the Coop Plan and updates once they start laying!  I'm so excited to have fresh and nutritious eggs so soon.  Plus the chickens can eat kitchen scraps and help me in the garden.

With His Love,

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