Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Brokenness #SheSharesTruth

Over the last 17 days, I have been studying the Book of Nehemiah with the #SheReadsTruth Community.  
Little Layla helping me!

If you haven't read Nehemiah lately, you should check it out because it's rich with God's Grace (as is all of the Bible!).  It starts out with Nehemiah leaving his job as a cup bearer to the king to return to his home (Jerusalem) once he hears news of the destroyed city.  He plans to rebuild the wall with the help of His Lord.  All the people came together and built the wall in record time: 52 days.  Here is the lovely map included in the Nehemiah Study Pack.  The wall wasn't small! 

Beautiful watercolor of the wall!

The people worked together to build and defend at the same time.  Many surrounding nations were afraid of the strength of the Israelite Nation and more importantly afraid of the works of their God.  Nehemiah stood strong in the face of the enemies threatening to attack.  He defended God's plan and saw it till the end.  Which convicted me so much!  How often do we want to give up or leave something because the enemy is attacking us, but we know God wants us to stay there??  In the end we need to stand firm in God's plan, see it to the end and give HIM  all the Glory once the task is accomplished!! 

The Joy of the Lord was their strength to accomplish the task!

After the wall was completed the Israelite people re-dedicated their lives to God.  If you have read any portion of the Old Testament, you might have seen a glimpse of the brokenness of the Israelite Nation.  When God freed them for their slavery in Egypt, they wondered in the desert for 40 years, grumbling all the while God was providing them food, shelter, and guidance.  The original generation wasn't even allowed to enter the Holy Land because they were ungrateful.  God was faithful throughout all their rebellion and arrogance.  As He is with us!

So Nehemiah led the people to renew their covenant with God, and become His Chosen People once again, following all commandments.  The people fervently agreed and on the outside looked like a new nation!  Ohhhhh how things can go soooo differently.  Nehemiah left the people once they established a new city and people to live within the walls.  He returned a few years later only to find every commandment they re-instated to be broken!!! WOW.  These are God's Chosen People in the Most Holy City on EARTH and they fall short.  

How much more can relate then?  Have you felt gun-ho one day to follow God and His plan only to fall short a few days or even hours later?  I certainly have.  I know that I would be right along with those people because the enemy sneaks in.  This cycle of rededication and falling short would have continued until today if God wouldn't have sent His Son to save us.  

The Book of Nehemiah ends with broken people because it points to the fact that we aren't whole without Jesus.  We would never have been able to please God with the brokenness of human nature inside of us.  Whether we like it or not, sin surrounds our heart.  Unless we protect our heart and ACTIVELY try to rid ourselves of sin, it will consume us.  

So repent of your sins, and renew your obedience with The Lord.  This should be done daily, I am most certain of it because we will fall short.  BUT there is HOPE.  God will forgive us:

"But you are a forgiving God, gracious, and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.  Therefor you did not desert them." 
Nehemiah 9.17b

How awesome of a God do we serve, always ready to take us back and give us new life in Christ!!  I would love to hear your thoughts about Nehemiah from any ladies who have been studying with #SheReadsTruth!

With Love,

ps I got my swag from the #SheReadsTruth Kickstarter fundraiser!  Rocking the Tee with my beautiful prints in the background.

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